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- Offensive 7-ply blade- The Clipper series is one of the most popular STIGA blade series ever- Famo..

66.90€ Ex Tax: 55.29€

STIGA Defensive Wood NCT

Lightweight 5-ply blade with great feeling and control For a very controlled game and ..

51.90€ Ex Tax: 42.89€

STIGA Offensive Classic Carbon

Offensive 5-ply blade with two carbon layers An updated version of the world famous..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.50€

STIGA Clipper Wood

- 7-ply offensive blade- Famous throughout the world for its speed and used by many world class play..

56.90€ Ex Tax: 47.03€


Lightweight 7-ply offensive blade Famous throughout the world for its speed and use..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.50€

STIGA Allround Classic Carbon

Lightweight allround 5-ply blade with two carbon layers An updated version of the world ..

47.90€ Ex Tax: 39.59€


A perfect balance between speed, weight and feel lies behind Allround Classic's enourmous populari..

43.90€ Ex Tax: 36.28€

STIGA Offensive Classic

Lightweight 5-ply offensive blade  A legend in the STIGA blade range with outstandin..

39.90€ Ex Tax: 32.98€

STIGA Offensive CR WRB

An attacking, lightweight blade, built to suit fast and technical attacking play. Increased speed w..

46.90€ Ex Tax: 38.76€

STIGA Allround Classic

Lightweight 5-ply blade with great feeling and control One of the most sold allround ..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

STIGA Allround Evolution

Lightweight 5-ply allround blade Suitable for the modern allround player with great..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Tibhar Nuytinck Hybrid ZC

This high-tech blade is composed of two layers of newly developed synthetic fibres making it ultra-..

199.00€ Ex Tax: 164.46€

Tibhar VS Unlimited

The VS unlimited wood supports the player due to the large sweet spot and the higher control associa..

178.90€ Ex Tax: 147.85€

Tibhar Drinkhall Offensive Classic

Designed for the traditional topspin attacking player who likes their blade to be&n..

57.90€ Ex Tax: 47.85€

Tibhar Drinkhall Allround Classic

The perfect choice for players who like to play with a traditional, well balanced a..

51.90€ Ex Tax: 42.89€

Tibhar Balsa Fibre OFF 60

Designed for pace but with overwhelming touch. Perfect for an attacking layer who in passive situa..

34.42€ 45.90€ Ex Tax: 28.45€

Tibhar Balsa Allround 50

The 5mm balsa core provides the perfect base for allround play.Combined with wood plys that offer ..

45.90€ Ex Tax: 37.93€

Tibhar Balsa DEF 25

New from Tibhar with that special ‘light’ Balsa feeling!The Balsa Def 25 is a 5 ply blade built ar..

45.90€ Ex Tax: 37.93€

Tibhar CCA Unlimited

The oversized sweet spot of CCA Unlimited confers the necessary amount of control in an offensive g..

164.00€ Ex Tax: 135.54€

Tibhar CCA 7

Named after the initials of the World Champion in double, CCA 7 convinces by its high potential of ..

89.90€ Ex Tax: 74.30€

Tibhar Ronin 6 CB

Ronin CB is a fast and offensive blade, the ideal weapon for the uncompromising attacking player. T..

45.90€ 79.90€ Ex Tax: 37.93€

Tibhar Lebesson

The blade of the European Champion 2016 in single and French National Champion 2009, Emmanuel Lebes..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

Tibhar Defense Plus

The TIBHAR specialists for defensive play have developed a blade which makes life easier. This blad..

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.71€

Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood

5-ply Allround blade, maintaining the playing characteristics that Vladimir Samsonov is renowned fo..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

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