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Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition

The small brother of the Samsonov Force Pro blade; Vladi Samsonov, our multiple European and World ..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro

The new blade of the multiple European Champion and World Cup winner impresses by its varied speed ..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

Tibhar Stratus Power Wood OFF-

This 5-ply offensive blade is characterized by an unlimited flexibility. From the hard flip to a fi..

41.90€ Ex Tax: 34.63€

Tibhar Stratus Power Defence

This relatively hard defense blade was built for a modern defensive game. The blade head is a littl..

41.90€ Ex Tax: 34.63€

Tibhar Sigma Sensitec

The Sigma blade is fast due to its especially glued plies but remains under good control thanks to t..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

Tibhar Nimbus OFF

This 6-ply offensive wood remains very controllable even at high speed. It is developed for the mod..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

Tibhar Samsonov Premium Contact

Vladimir Samsonov put together this plywood layer combination producing a perfectly balanced offen..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

Tibhar Samsonov Alpha OFF-

The combination of precious plywood with its extra strong middle layer guarantees a better ball res..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

Tibhar Allround Classic

Light Allround blade of classical construction and an exceptional balance between speed, control an..

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.71€

TSP Euro Power OFF

TSP Euro Power OFF is a 7-ply offensive blade for ambitioned attackers. The classic 7-ply design is ..

54.90€ Ex Tax: 45.37€

TSP Euro Feeling OFF-

TSP Euro Feeling OFF- is an offensive blade for variable attackers relying on great feel. It is the ..

33.67€ 44.90€ Ex Tax: 27.83€

TSP Euro Classic ALL+

TSP Euro Classic ALL+ is a perfectly well-balanced blade for modern, variant-rich allround playing s..

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.71€

TSP Galleon OFF

TSP Galleon is a classic offensive blade from our TSP Japan series. The 5-ply all-wood blade disti..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.50€


The TSP Swat is a balanced, first class offensiv blade with a amazing feeling. The Japanese develop..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

TSP Swat 5 ALL+

TSP Swat has been among the top-selling blades in Japan for many years. This is why we decided to d..

44.90€ Ex Tax: 37.11€

TSP Swat Carbon


64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.64€

TSP Swat Speed

Swat Speed, a product from the high-end TSP Japan series, is the high-speed version and a further d..

89.90€ Ex Tax: 74.30€

TSP Swat Power

Swat Power is the fastest variant of the Japanese bestseller, TSP Swat. This modern, 7-ply offensiv..

89.90€ Ex Tax: 74.30€

TSP Black Balsa 3,0

The TSP Black Balsa 3.0 is specially designed for classic defenders. This high-end blade features a..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

TSP Black Balsa 5,0

The TSP Black Balsa 5.0 is a controlled and well-balanced ALL/OFF blade. Ideal for controlled topsp..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

TSP Black Balsa 7.0

The high-end OFF blade! The TSP Balsa 7.0 is the perfect material for any power attacker. The 7.0 m..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

TSP Reflex-50 Award ALL

An excellent blade for pressurized allround playing. It has a large potential for fast topspins as w..

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.71€

TSP Reflex-50 Award OFF

This sensitive offensive blade with the Reflex dampening system in half the length of the grip has,..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

TSP Balsa 4,5

The perfect blade for variable allround players! Precise blocks, counters shots and chops, but also..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

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