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TSP Rise

Rise provides great control due to the soft surface with a lot of grip. The extreme catapult effect..

25.00€ 36.90€ Ex Tax: 20.66€

Victas V>15 Limber

The ultimate weapon for spin-oriented offensive players! V > 15 Limber is an elastic high-end of..

34.42€ 45.90€ Ex Tax: 28.45€

Victas V>01

It is the mission of VICTAS, the innovative brand from Japan, to provide ambitious players with the..

32.92€ 43.90€ Ex Tax: 27.21€

Spinlord Waran

Hard topsheet with extra short pimples combined with a soft (H32) orange sponge with a powerful sp..

17.17€ 22.90€ Ex Tax: 14.19€

Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

Rakza 7 Soft is one of the popular rubbers in the Rakza family using mainly natural rubber gum for ..

28.42€ 37.90€ Ex Tax: 23.49€

Yasaka Mark V GPS

Yasaka MARK V GPS has the same top rubber sheet as MARK V ”Classic” but with slightly softer sponge..

22.32€ 31.90€ Ex Tax: 18.45€

Yasaka Phantom 0011 Infinity

Yasaka PHANTOM 0011 is a long pimples rubber with pimples that will prove to be a deadly weapon for..

19.00€ 29.90€ Ex Tax: 15.70€

andro Wanokiwami REN OFF

WANOKIWAMI - a unique project. Takeshi Wanaka, a Japanese master in wood processing with the focus o..

134.25€ 179.00€ Ex Tax: 110.95€

andro Fibercomp II

The magic weapon for defensive players searching for outstanding control! If you combine this 7-la..

44.25€ 59.00€ Ex Tax: 36.57€

andro Super Core Cell OFF

The thin outer veneers have a particularly positive impact in this OFF version and create a higher ..

30.67€ 40.90€ Ex Tax: 25.35€

Donic Waldner Offensive 2016

Jan-Ove Waldner - the 1992 Olympics Champion, 6-times World Champion, 11-times European Champion, 7..

33.53€ 47.90€ Ex Tax: 27.71€

Donic Persson Youngstar OFF

Children and junveniles have smaller hands and less strength than adults, which is why DONIC have de..

14.58€ 25.89€ Ex Tax: 12.05€

ITC Fibertec Classic

ITC FiberTec Classic- 5+2 ply costruction / 5.3~5.5mm / Akazie surface / Aramid Carbon.- Soft feeli..

71.18€ 94.90€ Ex Tax: 58.83€

Joola Rosskopf Force OFF+

For the uncompromising offensive player who wants a hard, direct and modern carbon blade, the JOOLA..

63.67€ 84.90€ Ex Tax: 52.62€

Joola Eagle Speed

The 5-ply EAGLE SPEED is a fantastic blade for ambitious attackers, that appreciate controlled spee..

26.17€ 34.90€ Ex Tax: 21.63€

Sauer&Troger Dominate ALL

The progressive long pimple player: The Blade offers more speed then classic modern defensive..

37.43€ 49.90€ Ex Tax: 30.93€

STIGA Eternity VPS V

- Offensive 5-ply blade build to suite today’s modern game - Special temperature threated middl..

59.92€ 79.90€ Ex Tax: 49.52€

STIGA Allround Classic

Lightweight 5-ply blade with great feeling and control One of the most sold allround ..

26.17€ 34.90€ Ex Tax: 21.63€

Tibhar Ronin 6 CB

Ronin CB is a fast and offensive blade, the ideal weapon for the uncompromising attacking player. T..

51.93€ 79.90€ Ex Tax: 42.92€

Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood

5-ply Allround blade, maintaining the playing characteristics that Vladimir Samsonov is renowned fo..

37.43€ 49.90€ Ex Tax: 30.93€

Tibhar Sigma Sensitec

The Sigma blade is fast due to its especially glued plies but remains under good control thanks to t..

29.06€ 49.90€ Ex Tax: 24.02€

Xiom Strato

The basic construction of STRATO is based on that of our classic carbon blades such as SPEED OFF++ ..

58.44€ 89.90€ Ex Tax: 48.30€

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon OFF

Ma Lin Carbon is a blade success. Due to a selection of the wooden veneers and carbon together wit..

37.43€ 49.90€ Ex Tax: 30.93€

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon OFF penhold

Ma Lin Carbon is a blade success. Due to a selection of the wooden veneers and carbon together wit..

37.43€ 49.90€ Ex Tax: 30.93€

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