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Sauer&Troger Super Stop

With this slow and low-friction antitop-rubber you will have control which you cannot top. Rotation..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Sauer&Troger Hass

Why is your opponent so despondent? That angry look can only be because of another unplayable shot ..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Sauer&Troger Schmerz

That hurts!!! Your opponent destroys his bat after putting another of your shots with S&T Schme..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Sauer&Troger Easy P

After we have successfully introduced our special rubbers for pimple players, we are proud to prese..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Sauer&Troger Hellfire

Since imposing the ban of using the frictionless long pimples, the effect of slow pimples has been ..

36.90€ Ex Tax: 30.50€

Sauer&Troger Hellfire X

Advance to the new galaxy of the game with Long Pimples!Innovation & Future:After the “Hellfire”..

39.90€ Ex Tax: 32.98€

Sauer&Troger Zargus

S&T Zargus is a wide short pimple providing a consistent balance for both: atta..

34.90€ Ex Tax: 28.84€

Sauer&Troger Hipster

S&T HIPSTER= FUNIt mixes the positive characteristics of both short and long-pimple rubbers and..

32.90€ Ex Tax: 27.19€

Sauer&Troger Secret Flow Chop

In developing the SECRET FLOW CHOP rubber a new type of topsheet has been combined with a..

28.90€ Ex Tax: 23.89€

Sauer&Troger ZEUS

The racket fits perfect to long-pimple-rubber Sauer&Tröger HELLFIRE. We highly recommend this r..

129.90€ Ex Tax: 107.36€

Sauer&Troger Dominate ALL

The progressive long pimple player: The Blade offers more speed then classic modern defensive..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

Sauer&Troger Firestarter

The FIRESTARTER takes the power for attacking shots and enables you to more effect-rich attacks and..

49.90€ Ex Tax: 41.24€

Sauer&Troger Black & White

Maximum spin with the new plastic balls/ Perfectly matched to pimple and anti-spin rubbers/ Light we..

64.90€ Ex Tax: 53.64€

Sauer&Troger Kasalla

Power for aggressive styles!Our newest blade-development, KASALLA, offers outstanding power for offe..

69.90€ Ex Tax: 57.77€

Sauer&Troger Unicorn

Magic moments with the Unicorn: After one year of development, the Unicorn sets new standards in con..

69.90€ Ex Tax: 57.77€

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