Since imposing the ban of using the frictionless long pimples, the effect of slow pimples has been negated. HELLFIRE - produced by long pimple experts Sauer&Tröger; is slow, dangerous and it makes game a living HELL for your opponent.

The low speed means that heavy topspins can be returned with ease but what’s more important with real effect and disturbance. Return serves easly, During long process of testing we were impressed by the spin reversal that was achieved against heavy loop and topspin. Now you can be the one who controls spin and consequently controls the whole game. The version with sponge is for classic defenders who play at a distance from the table, the orthodox version is perfect for close blocking / block chopping and controlling awkward play.

Hellfire – at last, the revenge of the long pimple player – TRY IT!

Model Sauer&Troger Hellfire
Brand Sauer&Troger
Rubber Type Long Pimple out
Hardness medium
Speed 40
Spin 80
Control 95

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Sauer&Troger Hellfire

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